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This 15 min introduction is a chance for participants to familiarize themselves with the philosophy and practical application of the meditations. Participants are encouraged to ask questions. While not required, the introduction can often enhance the mediation experience. 


Following the rich tradition of Tantra yoga, we use pranayama, visualizations, and mantras to quiet the mind and explore what is beyond it.  A variety of meditation practices such as chakra meditation, yoga nidra, heart meditation, etc. provide us with different tools to tune in to our true selves. Gentle asanas and ball rolling prepare the body for sitting. This noon class will provide a space to be still and present. 

All levels welcome! 



Mer om Ayurveda

Idag är Ayurveda ett godkänt medicinskt system i Indien som praktiseras jämsides med västerländsk medicin på sjukhus och som också har sin egen läkarutbildning.

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