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Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Intensive with Laruga Glaser

Intermediate Series, otherwise known as nādī śhodana, meaning nervous system cleansing, builds upon the culmination of energy and purification within the practitioner built from the foundation of Primary Series. With deeper backbends and forward bends as well as arm balances, the Intermediate series integrates the use of opposing forces to garner greater unity and strength, both mental and physical, opening the internal light of awareness within each individual.

In this intensive special attention will be focused on the in depth study of each posture, their relationship to each other as well as executing the proper vinyasas and transitions, with special attention to all points of Tristhānam (posture, breath, drishte) throughout the practice. In addition, there will be time taken to trouble shoot areas of difficulty to gather skills to then move forward in the practice with greater intelligence and awareness. Whether new to the practice of Intermediate Series, or an experienced practitioner, this workshop will invoke new insights and inspire your already existing practice.


FRIDAY 28 APRIL: 17:00 - 19:30 

SATURDAY & SUNDAY 29 - 30 APRIL: 10:00 - 16:00 

PRICE: 1500 SEK (1200 SEK årsmedlemmar)




Please Note: This intensive is only for those who have an established Ashtanga yoga practice and have completed primary series and are familiar with dropping back. This intensive is not appropriate for beginners. If there is any confusion in terms of this please email Laruga at 


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