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Kripa Patra Rode

My yogic journey began in 1988, while living in Washington DC.  I was introduced to Hatha yoga by Ricki Middelton and later ventured into the Iyengar tradition.
During that time, I was dancing classical ballet and later competed in road bicycle racing on the East coast. Yoga helped my development in both these disciplines.
I relocated to Miami Beach in 1998 and Ashtanga yoga found me -- the perfect combination of movement and stillness. It was then, that I decided to devote myself completely to this path, received a teacher certificate from Wayne Krassner and started teaching in my  Lil' Yoga Studio on South Beach.
As my soul yearned for artistic expression, I was also working with metal, creating sculptures.
For the next 7 years, I travelled across the US to study with various teachers and eventually made my way to India! I met my Master on the first trip to the Himalayas and he taught me meditation. I return yearly to study philosophy and devotion in his holy presence.
After my daughter's birth in 2005, yoga holds an even deeper meaning...greater mindfullness, healing, celebration.
My philosophy, in a nut shell is, that there is a Divinely creative energy within us and yoga puts me in touch with that energy.  As I evolve, yoga gives me the strength to stay true to this path. With every breath, I feel a deep thankfullness for this thousand-year-old tradition and continue to study,practice and share it with reverence, joy and enthusiasm


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