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Welcome to Yogayama

Welcome to YOGAYAMA

We are located in the heart of Stockholm and opened our doors 2004.
Our aim is to have the best teachers, teaching a broad range of truly authentic yoga stiles in a great environment; so you could find a class suited to you and that yoga could and would be for everyone – regardless of age, size, gender, fitness, diet and lifestyle.
At the same time we want to create a community of teachers, students and staff that feels like they belong somewhere and that YAMA is their home.

The principle is to honour the tradition of yoga and create the sense that you enter a sacred space. We want to dispel the illusion about who can practise yoga because it is for everyone.

The same principles apply to YAMA's treatments to have the best therapists, everything we offer would support our aim – to provide true well-being, inside and outside, for everyone. A restaurant with wholesome food which is organically and/or locally grown and has been prepared in a way to promote ultimate health. 

At yogayama we wish to plant a seed of a yogic lifestyle.  It may grow diffrently in each of us - but maybe that is just the the point!

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Yogayamas Values

Yoga means union and it is an integrated practice of body, mind and spirit. In the early Yoga Sutras, Patanjali defines five yamas, moral codes that constitute a holistic perspective on life. We have adapted the ancient yamas; ahimsa, satya, brahmacharya, asteya and aparigraha, to modern values that form a basis for how we work. We hope these core values of Yogayama will benefit your practice, as well as your life. The values that guide our actions are:


Loving Kindness (Ahimsa)

Loving kindness means compassion, passion for all. For us it is a sense of consideration that permeates into everything we do. We consider life as precious and we treat all things with care. We pay attention to our guests’ and students’ needs and are motivated to serve them in the best way possible. Love and kindness inspires us, simply because we feel that is what matters most in life.


Genuine Sincerity (Satya)

Genuine sincerity is about living authentically. We believe the path of yoga begins with honesty and integrity. To us it is an essential way of being that not only allow us to be humble and open, but also creates trust, leading to worthwhile relationships. Truthfulness is what sustains our thoughts, words and actions harmoniously through daily encounters with our customers.


Relaxed Creativity (Brahmacharya)

Relaxed creativity is about spontaneity and doing what we love. For us it is to promote health and wellbeing, by offering a variety of yoga styles, fresh organic food and holistic body treatments. We are simply devoted in creating a more balanced, nourishing and sustainable lifestyle for people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life.


Elegant Simplicity (Asteya)

Elegant simplicity means not taking more than we need and focusing on what is truly important. From the excellence in teaching to the quality of our food service we take every detail into account. Ultimately we want our customers to feel  inspired spending time here, creating an inviting space that unities both simplicity and elegance.


Natural Generosity (Aparigraha)

Natural generosity is to be in service of others and to give for the joy of giving. We believe that we are all generous in our nature and as much as we need to go within, we also need to reach out. Therefore we have established a yoga center for people to come together to enrich one another and to discover new possibilities in creating a more consciou

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Yogayama AB
Jungfrugatan 8
114 44 Stockholm

Org. nr: 556646-8277

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